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Electromagnetic Wadi Parts

Wadi parts for sale

Item # 201520

These parts are impossible-to-find as they are out of production. If you have a WADI, these are almost priceless insurance to help keep it running.

New Control Panel for WADI VLF system. Never been installed.   Quantity (3)  $400.00 ea   

WADI Control Panel    WADI control panel Back


New WADI control cable with wiring diagram  $500.00 Quantity (1)

WADI Control cable


Complete WADI Carrying Belt with like-new pouches and Control Panel Safety Cord Quantity (1)   $350.00


Complete WADI belt with pouches         wadi belt with battery case


WADI Receiver Box Pouch - New  Quantity (1)  $100.00

WADI RX Pouch new

WADI Battery Box Pouch - New  Quantity (1)  $100.00

WADI Battery Pouch new

WADI Control Panel Pouch - Used  Quantity (2)  $50.00 ea


WADI Receiver Board - Working status unknown Quantity (1)  $100.00



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