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Resistivity MiniRes Ultra

Ultra MiniRes

Item # 108042

The Ultra MiniRes is the third model in the MiniRes line and the most recent. It is likely the most accurate resistivity and IP field instrument available today. This 2.5 Hz model is a great all-around instrument for grounding and mining reconaissance surveys. At 2.5 Hz, it takes a little longer for the readings (because of the lower frequency rate) but is capable of larger "a" spacings - out to 1000 feet! The accuracy and repeatability have made the Minires a favorite for those working soil resistivity surveys for grounding of power and pipeline protection systems.

Power Source: 4 Standard "D" Size batteries
Input Resistance: 200 Megohms
Transmitter current choices: 2.0 or 20.00 milliamps
Resistance resolution: 0.1 milliOhm= 100 microOhms
IP resolution: 0.01 milliOhm

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