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Seismic Tromino 3G ENGY Seismograph

Tromino 3G ENGY Seismograph for sale

Item # 209565

The Tromino 3G ENGY is a small, lightweight, 3-channel, all-in-one seismograph specifically designed for the dynamic characterization of subsoils with the highest accuracy and the lowest effort. This very adaptable device has applications for both geology and engineering. The ENGY model is capable of both passive and active seismic acquisition. The 3G Zero is capable of passive measurements only.

Typical geologic uses might be:

  • Mapping subsoil resonance frequencies (H/V technique)
  • Modeling H/V curves to obtain shear wave velocity profiles (Vs) in the presence of independent constraints.
  • Vs/Vp profiles from MASW or seismic refraction with a single receiver + radio trigger.
  • Performing MASW or seismic refraction surveys with just one TROMINO® and no connecting cables!
  • Creating passive seismic imaging of the subsoil.

A typical system is equipped with:

3 velocimetric channels with adjustable dynamic range and ultra-high sensitivity for seismic ambient noise recordings (up to ±1.5 mm/s ~) and lower sensitivity but higher dynamics for strong anthropic vibrations (up to ± 5 cm/s)

3 accelerometric channels

1 analog channel (e.g., external trigger for MASW/refraction)

Built-in GPS receiver, internal and/or external antenna for positioning and absolute timing/synchronization among different units

Built-in radio transmitter/receiver module for indoor/outdoor synchronization among different units and alarm transmission (e.g., signal above threshold levels)

Built-in calibration and check-up system

Operating range: 0.1 - 1024 Hz on all channels with A/D conversion at 24 real bits

Prices:    3G ENGY        9,000 Euros
               Radio Trigger  1,000 Euros

               3G Zero            6,500 Euros (passive data collection only)

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