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Resistivity SuperSting Power Supply

AGI SuperSting Power Supply

Item # 108230

The AGI SuperSting Power Supply is very convenient when the deployment of large 12 volt marine batteries is an issue for whatever reason. When coupled with an appropriate motor-generator, the power supply converts the voltage from the generator into a conditioned 12 volts, which is perfectly matched to the needs of the SuperSting. This eliminates worry about the condition or strength of a battery over the course of a long day. 

When a single Power Supply is used, the SuperSting will operate in Main Mode and will deliver a typical maximum of 100 watts. When two Power Supplies are used in tandem (just like two batteries), the SuperSting operates in Boost Mode and can deliver 200 watts of power.

The price is for (2) units, although one may be rented for $20 per day.

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