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Utility Mapping RD4000 PDL

Radio Detection RD4000 Pipe and Cable Locator

Item # 102165

The Radiodetection RD4000 cable and pipe locator is widely seen as the industry standard, with the highest locate performance, multiple locate modes and ease of use for locating utilities, marking for construction, mapping or fault finding.

RD4000 features include:
* Highest performance digital Receiver even in the presence of interference
* Fast, clear, positive response even in congested areas
* Multiple active frequencies and modes provides sophisticated location tools
* Peak, null and single antenna modes
* Position and depth measurement
* Current measurement to identify individual networks
* Real Sound - audible perception of locating dynamics
* High output 10 Watt Transmitter to locate deep utilities and handle complex locates
* Fault finding and cable and pipe integrity measurement
* Current direction - RD patented

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