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Radar LineTrac Utility Locator

GSSI LineTrac Utility locating accessory for digital antennas

Item # 107612

LineTrac™, an accessory to the UtilityScan systems employing either the DF or HS antennas, adds the ability to detect AC power and induced RF energy present in buried utilities.

Locating specific pipes and cables in large underground networks can be very complex. Ground conditions resulting from varying soil conditions can make the job more difficult and time consuming when relying on any one detection method. GSSI recognizes that ground penetrating radar (GPR) is not the only tool for the job and has developed an accessory that combines GPR data with a radio detection sensor.

The most important requirements for utility locators are ease-of-use, accuracy and reliability. The combination of UtilityScan and LineTrac addresses these needs with features that deliver accurate, dependable and repeatable performance.

LineTrac employs a three-axis 50/60 Hz magnetometer that is used to locate powered and non-powered utilities. LineTrac detects extremely low amplitude AC signals associated with difficult to locate utilities.


LineTrac includes a number of features to easily identify target utilities, including:

  • Easy integration with GSSI UtilityScan systems with digital antennas
  • Seamless data fusion with GPR data
  • Aids in target discrimination
  • Designed to work with existing radio detection transmitters
  • User selectable Frequency Mode or Power Mode options
  • 20 Hz to 50 KHz active frequency bandwidth
  • Rugged, IP-65 rated enclosure

Compatible Systems

  • UtilityScan Pro - with DF or HS antenna
  • UtilityScan DF
  • UtilityScan HS

More information: LineTrac Brochure

GSSI LineTrac UtilityScan Accessory

Shown with the 350 HS antenna

GSSI LineTrac example in Power Mode

Data illustrates two power lines entering a large commercial building.

Data collected with: UtilityScan HS


GSSI LineTrac example in Power Mode

Data illustrates a small electrical conduit buried among multiple tree roots.

Crosshairs indicates position of conduit.

Data collected with: UtilityScan HS

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