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Seismic ESS 500 TURBO Seismic Source


Item # 109578

The ESS-500 provides high quality seismic source data for MASW, Seismic Refraction, and Reflection surveys. 

  • The ESS500 Turbo is an electrically operated trailer mounted seismic energy source.
  • It is supplied with a fully integrated control and RADIO triggering system.
  • Operation requires only the addition of a trigger cable or radio trigger link to the recording seismograph. In normal operation the ESS500 Turbo is moved to the shot locations with a vehicle or ATV.
  • Estimated impact velocity is twice that of a standard ESS500 giving a calculated kinetic energy of 4 times greater than the ESS500
  • Weight drop with dual heavy duty chain system
  • Charging system: alternator, gasoline engine (diesel optional), dual deep discharge batteries and 24 volt electorincs for charging
  • 24 Volt TWO horsepower electric motor


The source is located in and rented from the EXI Harrisburg, PA office. Please contact that office at 717-303-5406 directly for rental requests.


Call 512 346-4042 (TX) or 717 303-5406 (PA) to reserve

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