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Seismic Borehole Hammer

Ballard-style borehole hammer for cross-hole seismic shear-wave measurement

Item # 109122

Builit of stainless steel, this Ballard-style borehole hammer uses a heavy-duty air-bladder to clamp securely to the sidewall of the borehole. Either a foot-pump or 12-volt air compressor (included) can be used for inflation of the air bladder. An accelerometer imbedded in the housing provides accurate trigger information to the seismograph. A detachable housing at the bottom may be filled with weights to add to the hammer mass.

Available in 3 inch or 2.75 inch diameter and has 200 foot cable.

Box 1, Borehole Hammer - 40lbs,
Box 2, Reel - 30lbs, 18 X 16 X 12

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