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Radar Bistatic Fiber Optic Link

Fiber Optic Link for Bistatic Antenna

Item # 107160

The GSSI Model 570 Fiber Optic Transmit Trigger Package is designed to replace the BNC trigger cable between the receiving antenna and transmitting antenna of a GSSI bi-static Antenna Pair. The Fiber Optic Package will greatly improve the quality of the received radar signal when investigating depth ranges greater than 200 nanoseconds.

The Fiber Optic Transmit Trigger Package consists of:
(1) Model 570R - Fiber Optic receiver with 12VDC battery housing.
(1) Model 570T - Fiber Optic transmitter.
(2) NP1.2-12 - Rechargable 12V 1.2AH Batteries.
(1) Power Sonic Model PSC-12250-A battery charger.
(2) Two meter fiber optic cables.

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