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Seismic 750lb Accelerated Weight Drop

Big Bang 750lb Accelerated Weight Drop

Item # 109577

The "Big Bang" 750 lb Accelerated Weight Drop Seismic Source from 3D Geophysics is a brute when it comes to delivering the power needed for great, clean reflection or MASW data but a sweetheart when towing down the road. Earlier models have over 50,000 miles towed at speeds of 55-65 mph.


The source uses an electric-start motor and hydraulics to move the mass and employs a 2' x 2' end on hammer - no separate plate.

A convenient receiver hitch is ready for a hook to a land-streamer.



 There are two sources available: in Austin, TX and in Harrisburg, PA.

 BIG BANG 750 Specifications
Hammer Weight: 750 pounds (dry weight)
Added Hammer Weight: 700 pounds of steel shot; 300 pounds of pea gravel
Hammer Release Height: 18 Inches
Engine Horse Power: 12 HP
Approximate Cycle Time: 5 seconds
Trigger Type: Simple closure switch
Trailer Light Connector: Standard 7 pin
Total Trailer Weight: Approximately 2240 pounds
Total Height: 80 inches
Total Width: 70.5 inches
Total Length: 148 inches


Call 512 346-4042 (TX) or 717 303-5406 (PA) to reserve

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